QPS customers have many options available for their medication packaging needs: QPS uses blister packs and other patient specific unit-dose packaging that is ready and easy to administer by our customer facilities' nursing staff. These types of systems increase patient safety by reducing errors in drug administration and by enabling tracking of controlled substance mediations. Customized packaging is especially critical for patients who are taking multiple medications.

Medications are provided in customized unit-dose "blister card" packaging for safe and accurate administration by your nursing staff.

QPS offers a wide variety of packaging options including monthly, weekly and multi-day cards. QPS also offers 30-day blister card packaging to help limit customer co-pay costs.

QPS customers may also choose the Medicine-On-Time packaging options: QPS is equipped with a state of the art Medicine-On-Time system; including unique, large blister sizes.

The Medicine-On-Time system organizes all your client's medications in a convenient multi-dose calendar pack that contains the medicine they need for specific times of each day of the month. These tear-away bubble pack dispensers provide a safe,
hassle-free way to manage your client's prescriptions.

Through this system, your client's prescriptions are clearly organized to ensure the correct medicines are taken at the correct time. This reduces the risk of harmful health consequences from medication errors.

Each safety-sealed pill cup holds all the pills to be given at each specific med pass time and is labeled with:
  • Your client's name
  • The pill cup's contents
  • What time to take the medications

Individual pill cups are assembled in reusable color-coded calendar cards which can be formatted for either a weekly or monthly cycle.
Individual pill cups are also available in unique large sizes through QPS.

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